Why Should You Use a Grow Tent?

Grow tents make it possible for home growers to start indoor gardening regardless of their budget. These shelters offered at various prices make it easy for anyone to grow fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other plants in an appropriate environment.

Below are three reasons why you should use a grow tent.

They don’t smell

Indoor_cannabis_plantsGrow tents are tailored to keep your plants from releasing bad odors all over the house. These tents are best paired with air conditioning machines that can decrease the foul smells of your plants, especially if you’re growing a marijuana plant which emits a strong scent.

Grow tents trap the odor inside and allow the filters to cleanse the air.

They lessen pest infections

They can also reduce the chances of insect infestations by getting rid of pests like flies, spider mites, and aphids.

iPower-48x48x80Grow tents can keep your plants protected from bugs and other pests because of their enclosed style.

However, this doesn’t mean you can let your guard down. You can still contaminate your garden by performing unhygienic gardening practices, allowing pets to come close to your grow tent, or bringing in and using plants or materials from another location. Ensure that you follow all necessary precautions when you use your grow tent for whatever plant you’re cultivating.

They maximize your lighting


Grow tents optimize the lighting power of your LED grow lights by reflecting the light and making sure the plants get adequate lighting.

Grow tents come with a reflective material which makes sure that 100% of your lighting isn’t wasted every time you turn your system on.

When you turn your grow lights on, the inner reflective matter inside the grow tent will reflect the light back and forth, supplying light to all areas of the grow tent and ensuring that each plant receives the light they need to grow and blossom.


Grow tents are exciting, aren’t they? Don’t waste time and buy one now! But before purchasing one, make sure you read online reviews of grow tents like these first.

5 Cheap or Free Things to Do in Tokyo

Imperial Palace Tokyo

Japan may be known as one of the expensive countries to visit. But traveling to this fascinating destination does not have to be as costly as some people think it to be. While there are a lot of tempting things you might want to experience or buy, the country offers plenty of attractions and activities to enjoy without breaking the bank. So if the Land of the Rising Sun has long been on your list of places to visit, now is a good time to start planning your trip on a reasonable budget. Here are some of the free or cheap things you can do in Tokyo – Japan’s capital city and popular tourist destination.

1. Explore cheaper accommodations. Couchsurfing in Japan gives you a chance to stay in a local host’s home. This is a great way to learn more about the culture, customs, and other information straight from locals – some of which are foreigners who have been living in the country for years thus making language barrier less of a problem. Other more affordable places to stay include hostels, economy hotels, Manga Kissaten or comic book cafes, and internet cafes among others.

2. Head out to the free observation deck at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building to enjoy a sweeping view of the city.

3. Visit the Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa and spend time browsing through stalls and shops in Nakamise-dori. The 250-meter shopping street is said to be one of the oldest in Japan and stretches between the Kaminarimon Gate and Hozomon Gate.

4. Take a walk from Harajuku Station to the iconic torii leading to the Meiji Shrine.

5. Join the early morning joggers and runners or follow their route around the Imperial Palace. Or you can explore the grounds later in the day and see the East Gardens which is open to the public.